Digital Collection

Annie's aquarium is a conceptual playground exploring digital fashion and its waste minimizing capabilities. The collection draws inspiration from waste sculptures and aquatic systems of life.

In the beginning Annie's aquarium explored thrifting and waste as a resource for renewal and innovation. With the wider acceptance and digitization of fashion; Annie's aquarium saw an opportunity to explore with different 3D softwares such as CLO3D, Blender, UE4 to challenge traditional materials and fashion processes. The animation introduces the world of Annie's aquarium transitioning into turntable and runway motions to capture the cloth and material simulation of each look.

Annie's Aquarium Game

This demonstration of Annie's aquarium gameplay showcases a third person mode game where players can roam the underwater environment and encounter different avatars which then they can possess and play as. This tranquil and beautiful scenery transports the player into the world of Annie's aquarium further enhancing the context behind this collection.

The game is was made with UE4, CC3, SP, CLO3D.

AR Filters

An integral part of a fashion collection is the wearability of its garments. For the digital collection AR filters of each look have been generated to let users try on each look.

The filters were made in Lens Studio and can be accessed through Snapchat.

Scan snapcodes to try on filters

Click to interact with 3D models


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